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Thinking about an overseas adventure? Want to broaden your horizons, achieve personal goals, and build your resume with a life changing international experience?
Welcome to LanguageCorps Asia! Our innovative program empowers you to create a personal adventure in teaching English abroad. You'll live in another culture, travel, and gain professional paid work

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Our internationally recognized 144-hour TESOL course provides the certification you will need to qualify for ESL jobs overseas. LC Asia offers training for China, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Taiwan. Where have you always wanted to go?
LC Asia will open the door to these countries and be your passport to success! Our training program incorporates: High quality teacher training, language and cultural awareness classes, teaching practice, and the chance to explore and travel all over Southeast Asia!

Welcome to the Marady & LC Asia Hotel

in Phnom Penh Cambodia cable TV, restaurant, mini-bar, internet access, wi-fi, hot shower, meeting area and restaurant, two bars, laundry service, security staff, cctv, car parking, swimming pool and gym in Phnom Penh.


+855 (0) 23 650 9555
+855 (0) 12 61 71 85


The Marady restaurant offers an all day American and Asian breakfast and lunch menu for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Our bar also serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


Swimming Pool, Gym, Internet & Wi-Fi access, Mini Bar, Restaurant, Laundry Service, Security Staff & CCTV, Car & Motorbike Parking Space and Friendly Staff.


This trip is for those who want some serious relaxing. We start with a day in Phnom Penh, meeting up with old friends who are still teaching there, and seeing any of your favorite sights or checking out the places you didn’t have time to go during training. Then it’s off to the beach to relax. We will be primarily relaxing on great beaches with warm clear water and great seafood but there will also be an overnight boat trip to the islands for snorkeling or diving. You might want to spend some of your free time making trips to the local seafront tons of Kep and Kampong, where the seafood is supposed to be the best, freshest and cheapest in all of Cambodia, plus you get a look at life in Cambodia that is not yet too inundated by other tourist flocks. This trip initiates in Phnom Penh and includes transportation to and from the beach

Welcome to Education Skill Develop School

Established in 1997, Education Skill Develop School has emerged as Phnom Penh’s leading private children’s English school. Our goal has been and always will be to provide quality English-language education at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of English programs from pre-school to high school, as well as an International Elementary and High School. The student-centered English learning environments at our school produce confident, proficient speakers of English. Visit us and discover why we are the first choice in education among Cambodia’s leading families.